SDSN Amazonia

Forming Collaborative Solutions to the Amazon's Most Important Problems


ORGE Innovation Consulting and graduate students from Parsons The New School for Design are currently working on an ongoing multi-country project in partnership with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Amazonia (SDSN Amazonia) and with the support of individual designers and design firms INSITUM and LIQUID. The goal of the SDSN Amazonia project is to develop transformative, scalable solutions to problems related to climate change, environment, sustainability, poverty, health, education, and communication for Amazon countries. The results from the project will influence universal international government environmental policy including the Amazon Vision 2030

As of now, two consultations were completed, one in Manaus, Brazil with participants from the Academy of Science Brazil and Amazonian Academy of Sciences, among other organizations. The second consultation in Lima, Peru was for the international leadership of Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin (COICA), as part of the 2014 Cop 20 Lima Climate Change Conference. Consultations included attendance and analysis of various conferences and panel talks in Manaus and Lima, as well as one workshop in each city.



Knowledge Brokering

Facilitators inspired deeper analysis and empathy for thematic stakeholders by prompting participants with thought-provoking questions, providing examples, and acting as guides throughout the workshop process.




Design Strategies

Design strategies were used to visually guide group members across the numerous activities within a tailored workflow.




Innovation Capacity Building

Participants were exposed to a new way to convey and blend their individual insights with those of other group members and apply that collective knowledge to analysis and concept generation.




Open Innovation Consortium

Open Innovation was used to bring together participants with varying expertise, motivations, and experiences to collaboratively generate ideas and concepts without the overriding influence of a singular viewpoint.




Project Framing

The objectives of the project were distilled into goal-oriented activities that acted as conversation points to broaden perceptions of the themes, problems, and solutions. Project framing provides parameters to focus the thinking process when working with large ad complex concepts such as those discussed in the workshops.


Leadership Mentoring

Findings both from the conferences and workshops were used to guide SDSN Amazonia in the creation of development projects in the Amazon region.


Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Amazonia

Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Amazonia is the regional division of SDSN, which was launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in August 2012 to mobilize scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society, and the private sector in support of sustainable development problem solving at local, national, and global scales. We aim to accelerate joint learning and help to overcome the compartmentalization of technical and policy work by promoting integrated approaches to the interconnected economic, social, and environmental challenges confronting the world. The SDSN works closely with United Nations agencies, multilateral financing institutions, the private sector, and civil society.


EISE Brazil

EISE Brazil is a school for service innovation founded in 2012 to teach service design to entrepreneurs, designers, and Fortune 500 executives.


INSITUM is a leading innovation consultancy based in Latin America that specializes in helping companies improve their products, brands, services, and processes.


LIQUID is a digital transformation agency based in Lima, Peru focused on digital business consulting, service design, and communications and advertising.


                                  Eileen Ellis,    Carlos Teixeira

                                 Eileen Ellis,  Carlos Teixeira

                                   Eileen Ellis ,  Andrea Morales , Leah Cabrera Fisher

                                  Eileen Ellis, Andrea Morales, Leah Cabrera Fisher

                                   Eileen Ellis ,  Andrea Morales , Leah Cabrera Fisher, Janson Zhi Yuan Cheng, Laura de Alencar Dusi,  Gertrud Hogh Rasmussen,  Izabella Neves, Danilo Cruz,  Carolina Vidal ,  Luis Miguel Hadzich ,  Gracia Chamochumbi ,  Carla Donayre ,  Tiffany Soto                                

                                  Eileen EllisAndrea Morales, Leah Cabrera Fisher, Janson Zhi Yuan Cheng, Laura de Alencar Dusi, Gertrud Hogh Rasmussen, Izabella Neves, Danilo Cruz, Carolina Vidal, Luis Miguel Hadzich, Gracia Chamochumbi, Carla Donayre, Tiffany Soto