PowerBridge NY

Bringing Together Design, Mentorship, and Social Innovation


ORGE Innovation Consulting worked in collaboration with PowerBridgeNY on an ideation and innovation workshop for newly accepted startup entrants as part of their Bootcamp. The partnership between ORGE and PowerBridgeNY aimed to introduce design strategies to the clean tech startup world and brought designers, mentors, investors, scientists, and experts together to help improve the technological concepts and develop new business models to create new products to be tested in the market.



Knowledge Brokering

Workshop facilitators acted as coaches throughout the workshop, working with teams through each activity flow to finesse the knowledge input into coherent end concepts.




Design Strategies

Frameworks were designed to extract information from participants in a visual manner, to help designers and non-designers create an even ground for communication and work.




Innovation Capacity Building

Startups were given specially-designed frameworks which were worked on within the workshop, but also were intended to be added to as additional experimentation progressed. Various experts also learned firsthand ORGE's way of ideation and process thinking.




Open Innovation Consortium

ORGE linked its network of design professionals to PowerBridgeNY's own subject experts and mentors to assemble multidisciplinary teams who worked with startup members to create new systems and concepts.




Project Framing

The workshop was created to hone participants' unique viewpoints and direct them to particular aspects that comprise the first steps of user-centered product and business development.


Leadership Mentoring

By helping the startup members think through their offerings visually and with a methodology that emphasizes constant testing and experimentation, they are able to use the tools to constantly improve and innovate upon their ideas.


PowerBridge NY

PowerBridgeNY provides company development support for early-stage clean energy technologies coming out of institutional research laboratories in order to validate and scale these technologies.  PowerBridgeNY is the result of a collaboration between two clean energy proof of concept centers funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, as well as large utility companies. The collaboration is led by Colombia University and NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, with support by Brookhaven University, Stony Brook University, Cornell NYC Tech, and City University of New York. 


                                    Eileen Ellis,   Carlos Teixeira

                                   Eileen Ellis, Carlos Teixeira

                                    Eileen Ellis ,  Aya Jaffar , Janson Zhi Yuan Cheng

                                   Eileen Ellis, Aya Jaffar, Janson Zhi Yuan Cheng

                                    Cameron Hanson ,  Ricardo Dutra Gonclaves ,  Azul Ceballos ,  Nate Binzen ,  Stephanie Lukito ,  Nelson Lo ,  Amanda Ramos , Takao Umehara,  Sarah Abiya ,  Guilherme Curi ,  Carolyn Concepcion , Isabella Brandalise, Sneha Srinivasan                               

                                   Cameron Hanson, Ricardo Dutra Gonclaves, Azul Ceballos, Nate Binzen, Stephanie Lukito, Nelson Lo, Amanda Ramos, Takao Umehara, Sarah Abiya, Guilherme Curi, Carolyn Concepcion, Isabella Brandalise, Sneha Srinivasan