New Business Creation in Fashion, Media, and Lifestyle


Phoenix TV approached Parsons The New School to create a curriculum that would involve Chinese lifestyle, fashion, and media, with the objective to facilitate new business creation. ORGE Innovation designed a workshop using open innovation tactics to strategically apply participants' tacit knowledge towards the analysis of business environment trends, emerging users, and potential business opportunities. The final outcome was the design of multiple ventures that successfully blended the curriculum provided by Parsons with the objectives of Phoenix TV.

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Open Innovation Consortium

By promoting knowledge exchange between the  group of multi-disciplinary experts chosen by Phoenix TV, ORGE Innovation was able to create an Open Innovation Consortium environment to facilliate the formation of new links between the participants, their communities in China, and their global networks.




Project Framing

Through Project Framing, ORGE Innovation was able to provide activities to participants that interwove and contextualized the newly-acquired information gained from courses in the Parsons program with experts' tacit knowledge and insights and inspiration gained through collaboration.

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Knowledge Brokering

Knowledge Brokering was utilized to combine participants' internal knowledge as experts in the fields of media, fashion, and luxury branding with information gathered through the prompted exploration of Chinese societal trends and lifestyles. The fusing of this information resulted in the design of pursuable, sophisticated, and clear business models which could be elaborated and tuned through further analysis.


Phoenix TV

Phoenix TV is a private Hong Kong-based Mandarin and Cantonese television station which provides Hong Kong and mainland China a variety of channels covering topics such as news, politics, and entertainment.

Parsons The New School

Parsons The New School is a leading design university based in New York City, most known for its programs in Fashion Design, Design Strategies, and Transdisciplinary Design.


                                    Carlos Teixeira

                                   Carlos Teixeira

                                    Eileen Ellis

                                   Eileen Ellis

                                   Nelson Lo ,  Yingying Yang ,  Jinghang Huang

                                  Nelson Lo, Yingying Yang, Jinghang Huang