Mercy Corps E-Voucher

Defining the E-Voucher Market between Humanitarians and the Private Sector


ORGE Innovation Consulting worked with Mercy Corps to create a one-day workshop as part of their Mastercard-sponsored ELAN event held in London, with participants including private sector groups such as Mastercard, sQuid, and Noble House and humanitarian agencies like the World Food Program, Oxfam, and Action Against Hunger (ACF) Spain. The goals of the workshop were to analyze existing e-voucher features and identify the market case for continuing to develop e-voucher products used in humanitarian aid to deliver goods and services to people in the hardest to reach and most needed areas such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, and Sierra Leone.



Knowledge Brokering

Apart from simply transferring common organizational knowledge from brain to paper, different incentives and viewpoints were brought to the fore and applied to create a richer and more dynamic view of e-voucher parts.




Design Strategies

Design strategies were used to visually guide participants to map, describe, and hone different types of information in order to unpack the existing voucher and e-voucher processes.




Open Innovation Consortium

ORGE worked closely with Mercy Corps to put together a team of in-house facilitators for the workshop, as well as identify and group the different participant types which are central to ORGE's knowledge brokering process.




Project Framing

Although the workshop was only one step within the long process of developing the market for e-vouchers, a main challenge was to identify the best starting point from which all participants could view and contribute their knowledge to framing the subject itself.


Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a global agency that delivers aid to those critically in need and fosters resilience in the world's toughest environments. Founded in 1979 with headquarters in North America and Europe, it has provided more than US$1.95 billion in aid that has reached 16.7 million people in over 40 countries.


                                    Carlos Teixeira ,  Eileen Ellis

                                   Carlos Teixeira, Eileen Ellis

                                   Eileen Ellis ,  Carlos Teixeira

                                  Eileen Ellis, Carlos Teixeira

                                   Eileen Ellis ,  Jeff Wishnie ,  Alisa Oyler ,  Vincent Trousseau , Jude Powell,  Alexa Swift                                

                                  Eileen Ellis, Jeff Wishnie, Alisa Oyler, Vincent Trousseau, Jude Powell, Alexa Swift