Empire Angels + NYC Startups

Introducing Startups to a New Way of Ideation


ORGE Innovation partnered with Empire Angels to create an event dedicated to introducing NYC startups to ORGE's methodology of Design Thinking. Over the course of a 1.5 hour workshop in Indira's Soho workspace, complete strangers- startup participants and selected experts- created six intricate and buildable ideas through ORGE's unique ideation process. The night was closed with a talk about creativity and the power of play by ORGE partner and author of Creative Intelligence, Bruce Nussbaum.





Since the workshop was tailored to startup members, activities focused on technology, people and culture, and business and market trends analysis, user type identification, and concept creation based on the user personality.





Experts in social enterprise, finance, software and experience design, and startup advising were brought in to participate and contribute ideas to the startup groups.





Activities were structured taking into account participants' physical movement, visual design interpretations, inter-personal interactions with other members, natural thinking process, and progression of idea formation.





Knowledge was drawn out, shared, and channeled not only from participants' direct interests and expertise, but also from their own personal experiences and abilities to extrapolate internalized information.



Participants were exposed to a systematic way to generate new, innovative ideas using targeted activities- a thinking process that could be carried forward and applied in their other personal endeavors.

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Empire Angels

Empire Angels is a New York City-based angel group comprised of young professionals focused on supporting early stage technology ventures through seed and Series A funding.



Indira is a female-founded startup that specializes in customized hand-dyed silk bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, and matching decor.

                                              Eileen Ellis

                                             Eileen Ellis

                                          James Frankis ,  Danielle Christophe ,  Sophie Hou ,                                                       Nelson Lo ,  Divya Khandelwal

                                         James Frankis, Danielle Christophe, Sophie Hou,                                                      Nelson Lo, Divya Khandelwal