Using Dreams as Inspiration for New Ventures


DREAM:IN is a global design-led open innovation platform for emerging markets to promote local and regional inclusive prosperity by unlocking the imagination of people and organizations. Conceived in 2011 by Carlos Teixeira, founder of ORGE Innovation and Sonia Manchanda from Idiom Design Consulting in India, the project  was awarded the prestigious Game Changer Award by Metropolis magazine in 2013, the only collective endeavor that has received this distinction. The DREAM:IN imagination network and online innovation platform were built from the ground up using techniques such as knowledge brokering, design strategies, project framing, innovation capacity building, open innovation consortium, and leadership mentoring. Implemented across numerous cities in Brazil, China, and India, the DREAM:IN project is a real-life example of how open innovation techniques can positively impact the world regardless of the differences in language, culture, economic status, and location.


Knowledge Brokering

A main goal of the DREAM:IN project is to create an avenue through which individuals' deepest private wishes and working knowledge can converge to create actionable ideas for themselves and their communities.


Open Innovation Consortium

Collaboration between university partners, corporate enterprises, entrepreneurs, and individuals creates a multi-directional approach to problems that taps into knowledge across organizations, within districts, and throughout social and economic hierarchies.


Leadership Mentoring

The DREAM:IN project acts as a knowledge incubator, wherein individuals and organizations are educated in different leadership and entrepreneurial  methods to empower them to turn ideas into reality. DREAM:IN offers learning programs and leads change projects to facilitate bottom-up development among communities, districts, and communities.

                                     Carlos Teixeira                                        Sonia Manchanda

                                    Carlos Teixeira

                                    Sonia Manchanda