Chongqing Industrial Museum

Transformation, Revitalization, and Stewardship in Chongqing


Known for its industrial economy, Chongqing is one of the most important historic cities in China and is the former home of the Chongqing iron and steel Factory. In light of Chongqing's new urban plan, the city government moved the Iron and Steel factory out of the urban core, allowing the existing factory site to be repurposed for the Chongqing Industrial Museum. The Parsons School of Design Strategies (SDS) is collaborating with the Chongqing Industrial Museum Company (CIMC) to work on a project related to the revitalization of the Dadukou district. The project will preserve the site's history, establish space for new creative industries, develop urban systems and services, and explore the growth opportunities for real estate.





The scope of the project was framed through the goals of CIMC as well as the past and modern aspects of the Dadukou district. This not only included the history of the factory, but also local agriculture, food, relationship to the nearby river and natural landscape as well as the needs of the community and the museum's new role as a global link.





The Parsons team worked with members of the CIMC as well as their hired consultants and architects to gain informed knowledge that led to the creation of museum features, plans, and design suggestions.





Primary and secondary research was completed and included in-person visits to the site and the analysis of  preceding museum and revitalization projects. Already existing spaces, mobility internal and external to the site, and new museum artifacts were designed to incorporate new technologies while taking into account sustainability goals and community engagement.





Knowledge brokering workshops were used to crowdsource ideas related to overall desired feel of the space, options for design exhibits and museum features, and different modes of transportation for use both to the museum and within the exhibition spaces.



Since the museum project was presented by Parsons students but carried out by CIMC representatives in China, proposals of innovative designs as well as the design process had to be shared in order to endow knowledge and aims to ensure the project would be a success.

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Parsons The New School is a leading design university based in New York City, most known for its programs in Fashion Design, Design Strategies, and Transdisciplinary Design.

Chongqing Industrial Museum Company (CIMC) is a sub company of Chongqing Yufu Assets Management Company. The goal of CIMC is to revive the city of Chongqing through the improvement of the Dadukou district.

                                              Carlos Teixeira

                                             Carlos Teixeira

                                          Jinghang Huang ,  Siri Betts ,  Mollie West ,  Anze Zadel

                                         Jinghang Huang, Siri Betts, Mollie West, Anze Zadel