ORGE Innovation Consulting offers capacity building in design strategies for organizations facing the challenges of being innovative. We use expertise in design strategies to enterprise design in organizations and reliably transform fragments of organizational knowledge into innovative ideas, products and services.



Carlos Teixeira, Founder

professor • mentor • knowledge broker • consultant

Carlos Teixeira is a designer, consultant and professor with over 20 years of experience. He is currently an Associate Professor in Design at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology. During the past 12 years he has been an Associate Professor in Strategic Design and Management at the School of Design Strategies at Parsons School of Design in New York City. He is also the founder and principle of ORGE Innovation, a consulting service focused on helping organizations apply design strategies to build capacity in open innovation platforms. Teixeira was awarded by Metropolis Magazine ‘Game Changer 2013’ for co-creating the DREAM:IN Project, which is a design-driven co-creation platform for social innovation in the emerging markets of India, Brazil and China. Carlos is often invited by universities, companies and industry associations in the United States, Brazil, Europe, and Asia as a lecturer and consultant. His research and teaching focus on design strategies and open innovation platforms with several published articles on the subject. He has a PhD in Design from the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology. Previous to his PhD, he received a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Design from Pontificia Universidade Catolica in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Our Expertise


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Strategies to transform inside and outside fragments of information into ideas

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Design-based competencies to foster a culture of innovation in organizations

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Enterprise design competencies and practices in organizations

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Design-led clusters of multi-disciplinary firms, experts and entrepreneurs


Design tactics to frame opportunities through collaborative intuition and expertise


Mentorship and advising on design strategies for leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and decision makers working on innovation projects and initiatives



About ORGE


ORGE Innovation

systems integrator • multidisciplinary network • open innovation • design frameworks

ORGE Innovation Consulting was created in 2013 in New York as a design-led innovation platform to respond to the growing demand of organizations to innovate systematically. ORGE is grounded on multiple successful past projects and experiences that inspired a new model for framing and modeling innovation projects and initiatives. ORGE is also a consulting service that makes available to companies, start-ups, not-for-profit organizations the latest and most advanced experiments, discoveries, knowledge and methods in design strategies being developed globally in the main research and university centers. ORGE’s philosophy is to empower organizations with the most advanced design strategies to enterprise design-led open innovation platforms to reliably and systematically (cheaper, faster and better) transform fragments of organizational knowledge and market intelligence into innovative opportunities, ideas, products and services.

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ORGE Cloud Initiatives

innovation platforms • collaboration • leadership • local and global reach

ORGE is a lean structure organized around local and global networks of design experts, researchers, practitioners and firms, enabling the on-demand formation of design consortium and task-forces for open innovation projects. ORGE Cloud Initiatives live at the intersection of collaboration, education, and inspiration to conceive and spread new methods in design strategies to maximize worldwide social impact.